Lock Lock Secure Handles are extremely tough on the burglar. With its rounded narrow edges it makes it almost impossible to break. Added to that, the spindle has its own internal lock switch to make your door even more secure, even if the lock is removed.

Available in an array of colours, Anthracite Grey, being the latest to join the family.

Colours Available

Black, White, Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome

Rose Gold, Gold and Anthracite Grey

Ext Sweet Handle

Sweet Letter Box

Sweet Door Knocker


The furniture on your door can make a big big difference to the look you'll want to achieve

"Sweet" does this for you, with everything your door needs to look the Bees Knees  

From the Handles, Door Knocker, 

Letter Box, Cylinders, Escutcheons and Numbers, all with the rounded "SWEET" design. Making your door elegant and secure.