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THINK.. Security

A resent survey revealed 67% of burglars break in through your door, of which 21% got in through an unlocked door. The survey also revealed that not enough people are doing enough to increase their security...

Here, we look a few ways you can improve your security...

Whatever you purchase for your homes security, look for the Secured By Design Logo (as above). You have the reassurance that your product is tried and tested and approved by the Police.


In Your Doors & Windows

Quite a large proportion of us have large glass doors, Patio doors or even Bi-Fold. Some people are put off large glass doors in fear that an intruder could just smash the glass and gain entry. That's where Laminated Glass comes into it's own. 2 layers of glass with plastic inserts are bonded together to make it extremely durable and difficult to shatter. if it does shatter it stays in place and holds together. Here at Sher-Lock Locksmiths we always, wherever possible, replace glass with Laminated Glass in both doors and windows


Security lights are an effective deterrent, but, installed incorrectly, they can actually work in an intruders favour. Leaving a light on all day and night has no real effect at all and draws attention. Whereas, a light that mimics activity can be a great deterrent. Intruders quite often watch their target to see what vulnerabilities there are. One of the best ideas is to have a good relationship with your neighbours. Asking them to watch for suspicious behaviour and lights coming on and off.

Always get your lights fitted by an approved electrician.


Most locks these days conform to BS3621. The best way of telling if your locks are of British Standard quality is to simply look on the lock for the BSI Kitemark. These locks are tested by the British Standards Institute for their resistance to common burglary techniques, Snapping, Drilling, Picking etc. PVCu and composite doors that are fitted with multipoint locking system can give up to 3 times the level of security apposed to a deadbolt.

Here at Sher-Lock Locksmiths we use the Ultion Multipoint Lock, which exceeds the the BSI criteria. TS007 is the next level, then above that is the TS007 3 Star Diamond Rated, which is what Ultion is. All these numbers can be confusing, so we'll leave that one there.

Fitting extra locks is always a good idea, especially on older wooden door. Cylinder locks (Yale Type) are extremely common. Quite often these are accompanied with Mortice Locks, but, we have found that so many people don't bother with the mortice lock. This is fatal. The majority of cylinder (Yale Type) locks are so easy to get through, and, if the mortice lock is not used, could have an adverse effect on your house insurance.

For handles, have a look at the video below. Lock Lock Secure Handles are the next generation in keeping unwanted visitors out, But so simple to use.

Other Security

All in all, there are loads of different ways to add too or bolster your security in, lets face it, the most expensive purchase you are ever likely to make.

One of the first things to combat these types of issues is, don't get complacent. Thinking it won't happen to me is lethal, it can, so the more vigilant you are, the less likely you will become a victim of crime.

Look at the small things.


Fit restrictors. These will allow the window to be open, but not far enough for "someone" to climb in. Especially handy in a child's bedroom

When closed, lock the handle, remove the key and put it safe out of sight.

once again, fit Laminated Glass.


This is where the majority of us put garden tools etc. Quite often an over looked security issue. Simple locks, single glazed glass, all these are easily compromised. A screwdriver, spade, hoe even a hose pipe can be made to service the criminally minded. Again good locks, good glass and a little vigilance, will go a long way to prevent that unwanted statistic.


Keep these serviced, preferably by the installer. If possible have it programmed to alert you if there's an activation. If your on holiday, don't broadcast your away, get a neighbour or friend to visit, preferably at different times of the day. Keeps anyone that might be watching... Guessing.

If you've not got an alarm, or think its no deterrent anymore, it is. A little bit of good neighbourly love could be the difference.

Yes we fit Grade 2 Insurance Approved Alarm Systems

Lock Lock Secure Handles... Keeping Your HOMES Secure

Lock Lock Secure Handles

As you can see from the video above

Lock Lock Secure handles are the ultimate in style & design

Available in 5 stylish colours, 2 sizes & 2 designs.

You can have them so the lock is visible both sides or

with the lock only visible from the "inside." With no

lock on the outsde (ideal for rear & patio doors) there's no loc<a href=""><img src="" width="240" height="400"></img></a>k to pick, bump, or snap

Click on the video above to see how

Sher-Lock Locksmiths & Lock Lock Secure can help to

Keep Your HOMES Secure

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The Ultimate In Door Security Is The Ultion Lock.

3 Star Diamond Rated, Most Locks Can't Achieve This Level.

Approved By British Standards TS007, The Police & By Locksmiths, Ultion Locks Are a Must For Your Security.

Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill, Anti-Bump & Anti-Snap.

There Are No Magnets That Carry Debris Into Your Locks.

Most Normal Locks Have 5 Or 6 Pins...

Ultion Has 11Pins & 294970 Combinations...

Don't Chance Your Prized Possessions To Sub Standard Locks...