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Visonic Approved Installer


The Patlock is an easy to fit defence against the burglar, keeping you doors tightly clamped together,

Sacrificial spindles keep your doors secre even if the handles are damaged on the outside.

Easy slide on, slide off design makes The Patlock a real bonus in the defence of your home

Here at Sher-Lock Locksmiths we can supply, or, supply & fit your Patlock... Keeping your Patio Doors Secure

Approved Installer

Window SashSTOP

Scenarios | Children

We all want to know that children are safe within the home - so with the SASHSTOP they can be protected from the outside world by the anti-separation function (keeping the door or window tightly shut), however if they need to be out in case of a fire or an emergency they can use the internal thumb-turn feature to then allow the door to be opened - no need to search for the key when time matters.

Perfect for:




Residential Homes

Approved Installer

Door SashSTOP

Key operated from the outside but still with the thumb turn on the inside... Making the SashSTOP ideal for Landlord

Vulnerable people can be protected, reassured and helped when  fitted with a SASHSTOP on Either Internal or External Door/Windows